Welcome to the curve of Banana Island…
Designed for those who value rarity in its truest form
WELCOME TO the curve of banana island
Luxury Villas in the Sky

Welcome to the Lucrezia De Medici, a place where you experience the highest level of sophistication, a condominium with the rarest materials and the most refined finishing.

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WELCOME TO the curve of banana island
Experience the Power of Audacity

Built to inspire, designed to captivate, the LucreziBySujimoto combines stunning comfort with 21st century architecture to create a tower, dripping with unparalleled amenities.

The Residence
WELCOME TO the curve of banana island
Tallest Residential Building in Banana Island

Standing tall at 68m high, the Lucrezia tower gives breathtaking views of the Skyline of Lagos, Atlantic Ocean, Lagos Lagoon, Ikoyi and environ, dwarfing highrises that were once seen as tall.

The Amenities
20 Limited Edition Masionettes &
2 Prestigious Penthouses
The project
For Those Who Value
Sophistication in its truest
Rarest Form

In coming up with the Lucrezia Tower, we studied the lifestyle of Lucrezia de Medici - a 16th century Queen; from this we replicated a unique address that combines 21st century architecture with 16th century royalty.

the amenities
Timeless Address.

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Like the exclusive Knightsbridge in London and the prestigious Downtown in Dubai, the LucreziaBySujimoto project is located in the centre of exclusivity - Banana Island, standing tall with an unmatched sense of luxury, grandeur and excellence.

Experience Breathtaking

views From

ALL Floors

Vintage Architecture,

beyond Audacity

Or Limitation

The Views
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The Lucrezia

Explore our journey as we take you through what it takes to create the tallest and most sophisticated tower in Bananna Island

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