Welcome to the curve of Banana Island…
Designed for those who value rarity in its truest form

Price Is What You Pay,

Unparalled Value Is What You Get

— Eng. Lanre

What we offer


Creating World Class Environments That Transcend Regional Boundaries, Sufficiently Flexible And Adaptable To Urban Commercialization.

Our Style Is High Quality Diversified Living Environments With Relaxation And Recreational Facilities To Boost Healthier Living.

Our Key Design Principles Are Distinctive Quality, Comfort, Luxury, Functionality And Elegance. For Us, It I s A World Of Class And Style, And Our Homes Speak For Us.

We create high quality living environments with relaxation and recreation facilities to enhance healthy living. Our key design principles are distinctive quality, comfort, functionality and elegance. For us, it's a world of class and style and our homes speak for us.

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